Friday, June 2

I'm sorry...WHAT?!?

Somehow we're here.  Somehow 6 years flew by for this kid and we have a 5th grade graduate.  Somehow time is ticking by even though I've told it to slow down.

This kid had a tough year.  He's persevered through some tough times and come out stronger.  Turns out he takes after his mom a bit and is a worrier.  I'll admit I worry from time to time...ok...every day about every thing.  And he's got the same (insert sarcastic voice) "wonderful" quality.  Despite all of that he has managed to maintain all A averages in each subject.  He also received a Presidential Award because of that amazing GPA and doing great things on the STAAR test.   

So parents were asked to send in a picture taken in kinder or earlier.  I couldn't resist this one.  I didn't tell A which picture I sent in but I did tell him the girls were going to love it!  Isn't my job to make him squirm a little?!

This year I've watched A become a little stronger when it comes to his friendships.  He has had to stick up for himself this year more than ever.  It's been good for him though.  He never flinches when it comes to fighting back with his brothers but with friends it's a different story.  He's learned a lot when it comes to "quality friends".

And this one...she left at 6 am to be here with A.  It was a close one because we all know the traffic in this city is TERRIBLE but she made it!  I'm just thankful she was safe because those 18 wheelers are crazy on I35, right Mimi?

Since this day was all about A we didn't have the other two boys with us...just the 5th grade graduate with his parental units.

After the graduation the PTA throws a party for the kiddos.  They each get a t-shirt, pizza, drinks and Menchie's for dessert.  The inflatables sit in the courtyard for them, water hoses get turned on, the DJ blares the music and the kids enjoy their last few hours together at DCE.

And then the courtyard turns in to a mud pit and the kids stink and the whole area smells like fish...

But all are happy and that's all that matters!

Thursday, June 1

7th Grade Concert

Once again we find ourselves at the end of another school year.  Zach has loved every minute of 7th grade and has grown not only physically but socially as well.  His love for school is awesome to see and I hope it will always be this way.

I don't have to worry about him at all these days.  He has what we call around here... his "poop in a group".  Homework gets done without having to ask, gym clothes are packed and ready to go every Monday without reminding, lunch made, computer charged, papers magically appear on the counter for me to sign - especially those weekly practice sheets.  I seriously don't do a thing for him.  It's kind of amazing!

Perhaps his biggest challenge has been band.  He likes it but I don't think he's been drinking any of the "band juice" that kids who are sold hook, line and sinker drink.  It's been really good for him.  He's faced challenges, isn't always at the top of the ranks because competition is tight and has to actually work at it.  For the kid who has had all things come easy this has been a bit of an eye opener for him but such a growth opportunity as well.  As I sat at the concert the other night I watched him play with enthusiasm (head bobbing to the beat) and determination.  He's made some great friends in band and I know next year will be just another year of fun. 

See him to the left?  :). Doesn't he look handsome up there?!

Here he this kid!

Wednesday, May 17


Back in February A asked me in the car one day, "Mom, what should I do my QUEST Independent Project on?"  I sat for a second and before I knew it the words "fibular hemimelia" were coming out of my mouth.  It's a subject that's taken years for me to be able to talk about without crying.  Seven years to be more exact.  And now I'm telling A to teach not only his class but the whole school about it?!  What in the world?

Well A took my suggestion and ran with it.  The only condition...he had to get permission from J to tell the whole story.  What did J say?  "SURE!  Want me to show them my little foot?"  LOL!  

About 6 weeks later I walked in to the QUEST class to hear A present his research about fibular hemimelia.  As I sat and listened to A tell the facts and chances of this condition I realized how lucky we are.  J isn't a some ways he won the lottery.  Something like 1 in 40,000 babies (don't quote me, I'm guessing) are born with this condition.  J is not as severe as it could be and it definitely doesn't stop him!  

A was very well spoken about his topic and the room was dead silent as he told them that his little brother has this rare "defect".  The most touching part was watching him show the class the actual x-rays of J's leg and how they have changed over the years.  But then I was asked questions and I was nervous!  I've never really spoken about it to a large group, granted they're kids and that's where I am most comfortable but I was still a little shaky.  We told them about how we thought we were going to have to amputate J's leg, now we watch it grow and someday he'll need surgery.  I think this was interesting for the kids because everyone knows J now that he's at the school with them.

So a month later A stood next to his board as the school was invited to the QUEST fair.  Again, I couldn't believe we are at a place where we are comfortable talking about this subject that used to be so sensitive.  I was proud of A but I was proud of myself.  I've prayed about this moment for years.  To be in a place where I can talk about this openly, without crying...the strength I've prayed for for years!

All these years I've asked for strength...but the one who lives with it...the one who will have to endure it...and the one who will have to bare the fine with it.

Sunday, August 23


So Bubba.  A month ago we enrolled him in tang soo do and he's been excelling at it enough to build his confidence.  He's the only one taking classes so he's our expert in the family. 

In our 7 years at the same elementary school we've never requested a specific teacher.  This year we changed that because I felt so strongly about him having the same teacher Z had for 4th grade.  Mr. C is wonderful!  He's so patient and calm but challenges the kids constantly.  M even put in a little phone call to the principal to ensure a spot in Mr. C class.  At open house A was bursting with excitement that he got him for his teacher.  I haven't seen the kid this happy in months!  He even told me I didn't have to walk him in on the first day.  WHAT?!?!  This is the same kid that has cried every first day of school since kinder!  As I tucked him in bed tonight he said, "I'm so excited for school tomorrow!"  A teacher can have such an impact on a child...I know this one is going to do amazing things for our Bubba.  

On the left is Mr. C and on the right is Mrs. G.  She'll be his language arts and social studies teacher.  Both are going to be ahhh-mazing!  


Today.  Today is a big day.  It's the night before school.  Normally it wouldn't matter much to me but it does.  As we sat in church this morning I couldn't even concentrate on the readings or homily.  I sat there daydreaming about all the changes about to take place in less than 24 hours.  Then I found myself in a panic to blog.  Let's be honest...I haven't blogged in over a year!  But now I realize how quickly time is passing and I needed to blog right there in church.  What's the big emergency?  My baby starts middle school TOMORROW!

Last Thursday night we went to his open house  I'd say he was pretty excited.

We entered the school, grabbed a map and set off for his first class along with hundreds of other eager soon-to-be sixth graders and their parents.  Over the next hour we spent 8 minutes in each of his classes and had 4 minutes to get from one to the other.  He ate it up!  Me?  I wondered how the heck we'd gotten there!!

Z is ready.  In my heart I know he's going to love it and grow even more among the many opportunities that will be placed before him.  Today I prayed for him a lot.  I prayed he has a wonderful first day and his excitement continues to burn.  I prayed he finds his classes easily, makes new friends with strong morals and stays true to himself along the way.  He makes me so proud every day of the young man he is becoming.  Here's to a new chapter in our lives...

Thursday, July 31


After an amazing week in South Padre Island, we had to make the long trek home.  I will admit...the drive is totally worth it.  The white sand, the blue water, it's all amazing.  But the drive is not very fun at all.

On the way home we noticed some cotton fields.  Using it as an educational moment we pointed them out to the boys and mentioned that we need the cotton for clothing.  We talked about the machines that pull it and how it is dyed for clothing.  From the backseat we hear, "They need to give some cotton to Adam and Eve because they didn't have any clothes!"  Thank you, are so right!

Saturday, July 12

Where Are They Now?

This is our version of Oprah's big show...

So many changes in the W household these days!  The end of the school year was an exciting one for all of us!

   He finished strong in the Frog class.  He grew both physically and socially with the wonderful Mrs. B.  He can write his name, knows all his letters, loves to count, identifies colors and shapes and loves school.  Seriously, he's quite upset when it's not a school day.  We had a follow up visit to Scottish Rite and at this point it looks like surgery will not be happening until he's 10-12 years old.  Wait, what?!  That's right!  The doctor wants to wait as long as possible and maybe we can predict enough of his growth pattern that we can get away with one surgery.  I'm optimistic and excited that we finally have a solid plan.

A Man:
  He's done with second grade and on to the next chapter in school as well as scouts.  He still has a love for his animals and finds great comfort in a little solitude once he's home from school.  He has become quite the little prankster around here.  I'm not quite sure where he gets it from. :)  His latest prank victim: Z.  While on a trip to the Thinkery he figured out some of the water table mechanisms and how to make the bucket completely unload in one spot.  He called Z over and said, "Look.  This is the best spot to watch the water."  Z, being the good brother, took A at his word and stood in 'the best spot'.  Ten seconds later Z was DOUSED!  A was laughing hysterically and Z was dumbfounded.  Gotta was beautiful.

Z  Diddy:
  I was incredibly sad to see him finish this year of school.  His teachers were beyond amazing!  I know it's not about me but in this case it really is.  His homeroom teacher worked with me to get him some extra help when it comes to handwriting.  Turns out, he qualifies for some special modifications in class and outside therapy.  It doesn't hurt that his therapist is a cute little blond thing named Caroline.  This coming school year he will have the opportunity to type assignments instead of write them out.  That right there makes me excited for him.  After years of frustration from Z and he and I butting heads over his "quality work" we finally have some answers...and help!  It is such a relief for both of us.  This would not have been possible without the help from his two teachers. 

Mr. M:
  He's had an amazing past few months.  The biggest accomplishment...he's an IRONMAN!  After a year of training and hours spent exercising he did it in 14 hours.  Who does anything for 14 hours?!  I think I may have been able to sleep that long when I was a teenager.  All the training paid off and the day was actually an enjoyable one for all.  I worried that the boys would get bored but we managed to have a really wonderful day spectating.  The energy throughout the entire race was contagious and it was hard not to have fun.  Each time we saw Matt we pumped him up (and I prayed).  It was our greatest endeavor.  Yes, it was ours.  I watched the boys while he trained so that medal is totally mine too!  I am so proud of him!

And Me?
  I have big news too.  After subbing at the preschool this past year and going to great lengths to show I am reliable, know what I'm doing and a joy to be around ;), I was offered a position within the school!  Yup.  Back to the classroom for me!  Now, I will admit I'm sceered.  I didn't get a two-day position.  I didn't get a three-day position.  I was offered a FIVE DAY position!  YIKES!  I will have the only five-day four year old class in the school.  Holy. Moly!  I have big shoes to fill but I'm pretty excited.  It could not be a better environment to re-enter the work world and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity.  So I've been spending my time preparing my Dr. Seuss classroom!

That about sums up our Where Are They Now? episode.  Stay tuned...